Atamis Tips and tricks to success in AWARD®

Ensuring Successful Import of data

To successfully impot your data from Atamis to AWARD®, please be are of the following :  

  • When importing Evidence Items; Ensure all “Requirements” in Atamis are at state “Approved”. 
  • When importing Supplier Responses; Ensure all “Requirements” in Atamis are at state “Archived”.  Note: Requirements get set  to "Archived" as part of the action of moving to the "Evaluation Started" state, it should be an automatic process in Atamis.  
  • For a project to be visible to a user, they must have been added to the “Team” for the project in Atamis.

Note: Envelopes

  • In Atamis, the "Requirement Section" field determines the name of the "Envelope".
  • There is no restriction on the number of envelopes.


Note: Creating Questions and Requirements in Atamis

  • Headings: Utilise the "Headings" field in Atamis to precisely define the "Sections" of your AWARD® questions. Please note that the headings field is of a free text type. We recommend taking care with spelling and casing to ensure a perfect match for each unique section.
  • Requirement Reference (Part of Requirement Details): This field is best used for organising your Criteria in AWARD® and serves as the AWARD® Question Name.  Requirement Reference is ordered alphabetically in Atamis. Keep in mind that only the first 250 characters are imported into AWARD®. Therefore, it is advisable to label this section in Atamis accordingly.
  • Requirement (Part of Requirement Description): This section is where you provide the details of your Criteria or Question. It formulates the specific details of the question.
  • Requirement Type: "Rich Text" is not supported by AWARD® and cannot be imported. Please use Text Area. 

Note: Buyer Documents

Importing "Buyer Documents" from Atamis to AWARD® is not currently supported, instead we recommend buyer documents are extracted and zipped. These documents can then be imported in to an AWARD® Internal document group.

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