Atamis Common import issues

Issue: Can’t see project when searching for RFX

  • Ensure all “Requirements” in Atamis are at state “Approved” (importing Evidence Items).
  • Ensure all “Requirements” in Atamis are at state “Archived” (importing Supplier Responses).
  • For a project to be visible to a user, they must have been added to the “Team” for the project in Atamis.

Issue: No matching User - What if their email address in Atamis / AWARD is incorrect?

  • If the email address (“external id”) does not match the Atamis email, then there will be an error about invalid External ID and you will see this message:

  • If the email address in Atamis is not valid, then it is outside of our control. The Atamis helpdesk will be required to fix it for you. (If this is the case, you may not have been able to log in anyway).  On occasion, the sandbox emails are modified by Atamis e.g. during system updates. You will still need to contact the Atamis helpdesk to correct this for you.
  • Alternatively ask your AWARD administrator to confirm that your email address has been correctly entered in AWARD.

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