Document visibility: Internal Project Documents Not Visible to Evaluators


Evaluators are unable to see "Internal" document group documents as Project documents when viewing specific questions. 


To make these documents visible, you'll need to set up Keywords and References.  By following these steps, you can ensure that your project documents become visible and accessible to evaluators as needed.

Step 1: Add Keywords to Your Documents
To make internal document group documents visible as project documents within specific questions, follow these steps:

  • Edit Document Properties: This is done by accessing the View document screen.
    Documents  > Select document >  Edit. 
  • Further instructions on editing document properties can be found here.

Tip: We recommend assigning unique Keywords to each Document Group. For example: [security] or [1.2 schedules]. Using square brackets helps ensure uniqueness.

Step 2: Create and Add References to Questions
To link the keywords to your questions, continue with these instructions:

  • Access Additional Tools: Navigate to Project > Setup > Tools > Additional Tools > References.
  • Create Reference: Select Create and create a reference with the exact same name as the Keyword assigned to your documents. For instance, if you've used [security] as a keyword, name the reference accordingly.
  • Add references to Questions: Under the newly created reference, click "Add" to link the questions where documents with that keyword/reference combination should appear. Repeat this process for all the required references to match each new keyword.

Your keyworded documents will now be visible against questions with linked references. They will appear as project documents for evaluators to access.

Further Reading:

For more information, refer to the following resources:

  • Learn more about adding Keywords & managing references and their usage in the system here.

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