Atamis - Verifying user name - first time user

The first time a user uses AWARD® with Atamis, they will see an alert advising that their account needs to be verified. This is an essential step and you will not be able to proceed without it.

On seeing the alert, proceed directly to your inbox (or the email that is associated with your AWARD® account). You will see an email similar to the one below. Click the verification link. You will need to do this promptly as the email will expire after 20 minutes.

A screenshot of a email 
Description automatically generated


NOTE: If the link expires, you will land on the project home page with the following message shown:

As mentioned in the warning message, if you retry the action (be it importing evidence items or supplier responses), then you will be sent another verification email.

If you do not see the email (and it is not in your junk folders), please contact the AWARD® support desk who will be able to assist.

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