Using AWARD as an Assessor [Public]

This topic provides a general overview of how to find your way around the AWARD functions generally available to the Evaluator (usually given the Assessor role).

When you log in you will be presented with a page similar to the following, showing the Projects to which you have access:

You may have any number of Projects to which you are assigned. Click the appropriate button to open up the Project. You will be presented with the Project Home Page which shows the Answer Sheets to which you have access with a graphical overview of the progress you are making in terms of answers Not Started, Complete or In Progress:

The Index link allows you to go to a specific Submission or Question in the Answer Sheet. The Answer Report will display all your Answers for that Answer Sheet (as well as the Answers for any other Users for which you have visibility).

The Documents option will display any Documents to which you have access, and Communication will be present if Issues are enabled for your setup.

If you are assigned to Questions for an Exercise within the Project, for example, Compliance and Evaluation, you will see the relevant buttons under My Work. Click one of these to enter the Answer Sheet, which may look similar to the following:

Answer Sheets will differ depending on how they have been configured by the Administrator.

You will either have the Questions or the Submissions in the navigator on the left. You can click these to take you to the appropriate Questions/Submissions. You can also use the arrow buttons to take you through the Questions and Submissions.

The second part of the Answer Sheet displays the scoring fields where you enter your answers and justifications.

You may also have an Issues section where you can log queries if you have questions about certain elements of the evaluation.

You can also create and view Issues from the Communication option:

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