Using a Data Room Project as a Supplier [Public]

When you log into AWARD for the first time you will be presented with a Supplier Licence page with Terms of Use which you must accept before you can progress any further.

Once you have accepted you will be presented with any Projects to which you have been assigned access:

Click the Project button (eg Supplier Data Room) to enter the Project.  You may be presented with another Acknowledgement page which you must read and accept before you can enter the Project.

On the Project Home Page there will be a list of Recent Activities.  This shows the last 10 activities that were carried out in the Data Room:

You can view more recent Activities by clicking the View All Activities link.

Viewing Documents

Once Documents are Published they will become visible to all Suppliers.  You can view all the Documents to which you have been assigned access from the Documents list:

This list will show Published and Invalidated Documents.  Any Documents with a strikethrough are “Invalidated”; these are Documents which were previously Published but have now been made invalid, as they may for example, have become out-of-date, corrupt or superseded by another Document.  To open any Documents in this list click the name link (you can still open Invalidated Documents).

Uploading Documents

You can upload Documents so that they will be seen by the Project Manager and other relevant Users; note that they will not be seen by other Suppliers.  You upload your Documents from the main Documents list.  You will only be able to upload Documents into Supplier Groups:

Downloading Documents

You can download (export) Documents from multiple Document Groups to a zip file saved to your computer.   You can do this from the main Documents list (or a View Notification page), by clicking the Download button.  

On the Download Documents page, select the Document Group(s) you wish to export.  Click Save then right-click and save the AWARD Export File.  All the Documents in the selected Group(s) will be downloaded.

Once Documents have been downloaded they will no longer appear in the Unread view.

Document Filters

You can view a filtered set of Documents from a Document Filter tab, for example, Published and Invalidated.  These will contain subsets of the Documents visible in the main Documents list.  As these tabs are custom-created by the Project Manager, the contents and names of these may differ.

The only actions that can be performed from these views are opening and searching the Documents.


Click the Communication option on the Toolbar to view Notifications, Clarifications and Authority Queries:


Notifications are information messages from the Authority which go to all Suppliers


Clarifications are for Suppliers to ask questions of the Authority.  Clarifications cannot be seen by other Suppliers.

Authority Queries

Authority Queries are for the Authority to ask questions of the Supplier.  Authority Queries addressed to a specific Supplier cannot be seen by other Suppliers.

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