Adding a supplier to a project

The following steps can only be undertaken by authority users with the role of Project Manager or Project Support.


Suppliers are added to a project via the project setup pages.

  • Project > Setup > Suppliers > Project Supplier page opens

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  • Click Add to open the Assign Project Suppliers page.
  • Select the supplier(s) you wish to add to your project. NOTE: If the suppliers do not appear in the list (i.e. have not yet been added to AWARD®) please review this article on creating a supplier.

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  • Scroll to the bottom of the Assign Project Suppliers page to the User Assignment section.

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  • Only tick the Assign all users button if you wish to add ALL the supplier users associated with each selected supplier account to the project. Note you can always add the supplier user at a later date.
  • When all selections have been made: click Add to return to the Project Suppliers page.


If you see any warnings after adding the supplier, there may be additional elements you need to configure.

Please click here to review those warnings and how to fix them.


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