Using Jaggaer and AWARD® Successfully

Many of our customers use both Jaggaer and AWARD® together, for more details on the eSourcing integration capability between these two systems please click here.  


We have found that considering a few simple things when setting up Jaggaer makes the setup of AWARD much smoother and reduces the chance of things going wrong.


Conditional Questions 


Avoid conditional questions where possible; instead combine these questions into one, for example, rather than:


Q1.Please upload your ISO27k certification

Q1a.If you answered No to Q1 then please provide details of current certification/details of when you intend to apply for 27k.


Use: Q1.Please either provide your ISO27k certification or details of current certification/details of when you intend to apply for 27k.


This will make setting up the evaluation in AWARD easier as it will help avoid having to evaluate different questions for different submissions.


Question types 


As a general rule, the text question works well for compliance-type questions, for example, those requiring a simple yes/no answer, and the attachment question type works well for technical responses that are typically more in-depth and have rich text elements such as diagrams. 


It's also worth noting that the Jaggaer text questions type has a 200-character limit. Therefore, if the response you have asked the bidders to provide is likely to exceed this, the Attachment question type may be better suited. This also prevents having to map together multiple text responses in AWARD.  


Envelope Structure 


We recommend that the Jagger project is configured using an envelope and question structure. Where possible, avoid having a general attachments area, although simpler to set up initially it makes the configuration of AWARD much trickier and introduces risk as bids have to be manually mapped to the corresponding questions when pulled through to AWARD. 


Here is an example of the Technical envelope with the question structure configured within:


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The Notes field 


If you have additional guidance that you wish to provide such as a section summary you can create this as a Note in Jaggaer. When the Notes field is imported into AWARD this can then be mapped against the relevant questions making the text visible to the evaluators


Evaluation Strategy 


The Evaluation strategy should be set to ‘no ranking’, the question weightings and scoring mechanisms will then be configured in AWARD. This saves the effort of setting these elements up in both systems and also prevents any confusion as both systems behave differently in this area. 


Multi-Lot Projects 


Multi Lot Projects should be set up using the Multi Lot RFX project type. This will create an RFX for each lot, which will make things easier to manage in AWARD.


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