Work Groups and Restricted Access

Work Groups within AWARD® can be used to manage access to restricted document groups. Restricting document groups provides an extra level of security, ensuring that only users who are within a Work Group linked to that document group will be able to see the documents within. 

Restricted document groups include restricting users within the Project beyond the standard Data Room / Document Access User role - While users with a Stakeholder role or higher can view all documents within the Project normally, restricting a document group will hide these documents even from users with the Stakeholder role or higher. In this case, these users will then need to be added to a Work Group linked to the restricted document group.

To restrict access to a particular document group, click on the document group you wish to restrict within the Documents section of the AWARD® Project. From here, click the Enable Restricted Access button under the Restricted Access heading.

Once this has been enabled, the restricted document group will show the word 'Restricted' instead of the number of documents within, as is normally displayed. No documents will be shown when attempting to open this document group.

To give access to this document group, users will first need to be assigned to a Work Group that has been linked to the document group. Once this has been done, the restricted document group will display normally for those users. 

To remove the restricted access to the document group, click the document group again and, under the Restricted Access heading, click Disable Restricted Access.

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