Responding to an Authority Query

Authority Query's are messages sent to a specified bidder by the Authority requiring a response and can only be viewed between the authority and the specified bidder.  You will receive an email altering you that the authority has sent you a query to respond to. To read the Query click on the link in the message received.  

You will be taken to the AWARD® login screen, once logged in you will be directed to the Query. 

Alternatively you can view the query from within AWARD® via Project>Communication>Queries. An orange dot will show to indicate that there is an unread communication item. Click on the query text to view the full message: 

If you have been asked to provide a document this must be uploaded first before entering a response. The Upload button allows a new document to be uploaded, alternatively you Attach an existing document if appropriate. In this example we are going to click Upload:

 Select the most relevant folder, typically there will only be one option available to you and then click Next to move forward.

If you wish to upload multiple files these can be upload in a single upload using a zip file or you can upload a single document. In both scenarios leave the default Extract Files option selected. Alternatively to keep the file zipped, select the second option (Keep Zip). Once you have chosen the file form your local machine click Save.

A confirmation message will be shown, click enter Enter Answer to submit the document with a relevant message. Please note the document will not be visible to the authority until you enter an answer. 

Enter you Answer and click Send

A confirmation message will be shown, click Close to return to the main Authority Queries screen:

The query will now show under the All view:

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