Linking Jaggaer and AWARD® accounts (adding External User IDs)

To link eSourcing and AWARD® accounts you will need to update the AWARD® user's account:

(Administration > Users > click on users Name > "Edit User" page opens  > Click Edit )


  • Add the eSourcing System
  • Add the External User ID (Jaggaer user ID) 

eg: Graphical user interface, text, application, email

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If it is acceptable for the user to view all Jaggaer projects linked to the authority account, the external user ID can be set as a wild card * (an asterisk).


However,  if you only want the AWARD user to view their own Jaggaer project(s) you should add their Jaggaer user ID to the External User ID field in AWARD.


NOTE: Jaggaer user ID's are obtained from JAGGAER UK Support

If the eSourcing system is not present for selection - please raise a support ticket with the AWARD Helpdesk using the "Submit a Ticket" button above.


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