Managing Response Teams as the Authority

Response Teams in AWARD® are groups of Supplier Users who are a part of a specific Project. These Response Teams are managed by Response Team Managers, a role assigned to one or more of the Supplier Users within the Response Team. With this role, the Response Team Manager is able to create, add, and remove Supplier Users to the Response Team, and can send login credentials to these Supplier Users. They can also control the access rights of these Supplier Users, granting and revoking access to the group, and giving the Response Team Manager to other Supplier Users as needed. 

To enable Response Team Managers to create additional users for their group, this must first be enabled at the Administration level of AWARD®, through the Account tab. In addition, the AWARD® licence must allow for unlimited Suppliers Users to be created.

The Response Team Manager role will automatically be granted to a Supplier who self-registers themselves for an AWARD® Project. To grant this role manually, you can click on the Supplier within the AWARD® project and select the checkbox next to the Supplier User you want to give the role to, then select the Actions... button. From here, the user can be assigned the role, or have this role revoked if they already hold it.

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