Adding an Assessor (user) to a Project

Users are added to a project via the project setup pages.

Project > Setup > Users > Add > "Assign Project Users" page opens


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From the "Assign Project Users" page: 

  • Select the Project role (by default Assessor is selected, but you can select from Project Manger, Project Support, Stakeholder, Assessor)
  • Select the user(s) to add from the Users' list* 
  • Click Add

*Tip: If you have a large number of users to scroll through you can use the filter option to make your search easier.


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Your user(s) will appear in the Project Users list, ready for you to add them to assignments.


To edit a project users' permissions

If you wish to amend an existing user e.g. to change their role or remove project access: From the project users list, click on their name to open the View Project User page. Click Edit > make the necessary changes > Save


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