Common Supplier problems

Sometimes while using AWARD®, you may run into some common issues. These are usually easily fixed, and some common issues are described below.

Unable to see Project - If you log into a Supplier account and are unable to see the Project you expected to, there may be a couple reasons for this. One common reason is that the Project is still in preparation and isn't yet ready for access by Suppliers. The Supplier account may already be a part of the Project, but you won't be able to actually see it until the Project is set to Active by the Authority. This can also sometimes occur after self-registering for a Project, in which you log in for the first time and don't see the Project you had just registered for. This is often because the Project will still be in preparation, and will be available for Suppliers soon. The Authority will often notify Suppliers once the Project is accessible within AWARD.

Unable to raise Clarifications - If you are already a part of an AWARD Project, and you have previously raised a Clarification, you may sometimes find that the option to raise a clarification has disappeared. This is likely due to the Clarification close date being passed, at which time Clarifications can't be raised within the Project. This Clarification close date is at the discretion of the Authority.

Unable to update Response - If you are a part of a Project in which you are submitting through a Portal, and you find you are no longer able to update your response, this is likely due to the close date of the Portal being reached, and the Authority closing off the Portal. You will still be able to review your current submission and any documents you've submitted, but if the Portal has closed, you won't be able to make changes to this. The Authority will also sometimes raise a Notification for Suppliers letting them know once the Portal has closed.

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