Enabling Open Registration

When Open Registration is enabled within a Project, this enables Suppliers to register for the Project themselves without needing to create a new Project, or be added manually by a Project Manager.

Open Registration can be enabled within a Project from Setup / Tools / Advanced Settings. To enable Open Registration, Self Registration must first be enabled as well.

A Registration close date can be set, and modified further from Setup / Tools / Supplier Settings if needed. Once the Registration close date has passed, Suppliers will no longer be able to register for a Project.

When Open Registration is enabled, the Project will appear under the Open Registrations tab on the home page of AWARD® for both Suppliers and AWARD® Administrators. Suppliers can click into this tab and see any Projects that have Open Registration enabled for it, and where a close date either has not been passed yet, or no close date was set. From here, they can click a Project and register for it.

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