How do I create a Template?

Creating templates in AWARD®

The first thing to note is only users with Account Administrator privileges can create templates.

Assuming you have that privilege, there are various way you can create templates.

The first method is via the Create button on the Project Templates Tab.  

You would use this option if you are staring from scratch.


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The second method is to save an existing project as a template.

You would use this option if; for example, you want to replicate an existing project setup.

Note: Documents, Suppliers and Assessors set-up do not get included with the template.


This is done from the Administration  >  Projects tab.  Select the project you wish to use as a template, at the bottom of the project details you will see a Save as Template button.


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The final method you can use takes additional steps, and is only recommended for users confident in their use/configuration of AWARD.

From an open AWARD project:

Project >  Setup > Tools > Additional Tools > Export > Template > Save

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This will create a zip file.

This zip file can then be uploaded to AWARD at the initial creation of a project using the Import option.


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For further guidance please refer to the help pages in AWARD found here:

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