WW Making the Weights Add Up to 100

AWARD® Weighting - Making the Weight's Add Up to 100

Take the following calculated weights that total 75, at four decimal places:

    Q1: 18.2432

    Q2: 24.3243

    Q3: 20.2703

    Q4: 12.1622

Which when recalculated at two decimal places were calculated by AWARD® to be:

    Q1: 18.24

    Q2: 24.33

    Q3: 20.27

    Q4: 12.16

So the extra 0.01 has been allocated Q2, as it’s showing as 24.33 rather than the expected 24.32. When rounding using the standard rounding (i.e. 24.32 for Q2), the numbers shown at two decimal places total 74.99

For the Weighting Workshop the weights will be adjusted so that they add up to the “expected” total, 75 in our case.

The reason that Q2 was selected as the Question to get the extra 0.01 is that adjusting this question’s weight produced the smallest percentage difference between the calculated weight (24.3243) and the assigned weight if it’s the number that’s rounded up (24.33).

The maths if needed (method CalcRounding.roundWeights)

In the example, assuming Q1, Q2, Q3 all have the same answers etc, then the rounded number is the first one encountered when looking from the top of the Question tree (since there’s nothing else to distinguish between the Questions, and at least picking the first one behaves consistently).

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