Unable to remove supplier from a project

Problem: Unable to remove a supplier


e.g. Warning : "Supplier has raised clarifications"


You will not be able to remove the supplier once they have engaged with the project team.


Rather than remove the supplier they should be Inactivated - an Inactivated Supplier is not included in the results reports or Assessor Answer Sheets. They are, however, included in the debrief reports.  


To inactivate a Supplier:


  • Navigate to Project > Setup  > Suppliers and click on the relevant Supplier's name (the blue underlined text)


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  • Scroll down to Submission Information area - select Inactivate

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  • Enter any relevant text in the Debrief Statement box - this will be visible to the Supplier in debrief reports, an Internal Note can be added that is not visible to the Suppliers. 

  • If you wish for the supplier to still be able to log in and view their Submission on a read only basis do not Select Remove Supplier Access. If the reverse is required, and the Supplier should no longer be able to log into AWARD, make sure this option is selected (as in this example):Graphical user interface, text, application, email

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  •  Click Save to complete the action
  •  A confirmation message will be shown confirming the action has been completed - click Close to return to the Suppliers area 

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