Cannot delete the Common Lot

In a Multi-lot project, the Common entry within the Question Tree is classed as a Lot.

The Common Lot defines questions that apply to all Submissions, regardless of Lot.


If you try to delete the Common Questions in a multi-lot project, you will see an error “The action cannot be completed - Cannot delete the Common Lot”.


So, how do you then delete the Common Lot?

In short - it’s not possible to delete the Common Lot.


The reason for this is that the Common questions are a pre-set Lot; of which all common questions are placed under – these are the questions that are generic regardless of which Lot(s) the bidder is participating in.

If it is not required; do not try to delete the Common Lot but remove the weight, remove any questions and AWARD will ignore this Lot. Each of the individual lots will then be worth 100% rather than the 100% being split between the Common and lot specific questions.

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