Cannot remove Assessors because "Answers Exist"

If you are unable to remove Assessors because "Answers Exist" you will need to turn off data protection before you can remove the Assessors.


It is recommended you take the actions below if you wish to remove answers from a project where the evaluations has commenced.


NB  The method below is only intended for use if you have very minor amendments to make i.e. you have accidentally assigned an assessor to a question which they have subsequently responded to.

If you wish to make radical changes to your projects you are strongly urged to contact the helpdesk as there may be more appropriate solutions available to you.

  The steps needed:

  1.  Set the project or exercise to an "in preparation state"
  2.  Turn off data protection  (Project > Tools > Setup > Advanced Settings)
  3.  Run the answers report for the exercise (before) 
  4.  Remove users via the assignments tab
  5.  Turn on data protection
  6.  Run the Answers reports (after)
  7.  Upload the answer reports to an internal folder in the project
  8.  Set the project status to Active


If you would like the Helpdesk to assist with this, this is entirely possible, just let us know.


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