Supplier Access to AWARD®

Access to the AWARD® system for Suppliers can be done through several different means. If you are expecting to receive access to AWARD® as a Supplier user, the methods described below should be attempted.

Request from the authority - The Authority for the AWARD Project is often responsible for the configuration of the Project, and should be able to arrange AWARD access. The Authority should be the first point of contact if you are expecting access, and you haven't received login details yet. Often, accounts for Suppliers will have already been set up, but the Project will still be in preparation, and won't yet be available to Suppliers.

Requesting an additional team / colleague to be added - Depending on the AWARD settings in place, if you require a User account for an existing Supplier account, the manager for your team within AWARD may be able to create an account for you. Existing Supplier Users with the role of Response Team Manager will be able to see an additional tab within the AWARD Project around this. From here, the Response Team Manager will be able to create additional Supplier User accounts for their colleagues, and send them their login details. If Supplier Response Teams aren't enabled within AWARD, contacting the Authority and requesting an additional user account be added is the most direct and easiest way to receive an account.

Team Members leaving the Project - If a user for a particular Supplier is changing positions or otherwise won't need access to AWARD any longer, the Authority should be contacted with this information, and a replacement user should be requested. From here, the Authority will be able to deactivate the old user account and create a new replacement account.

Separate accounts for new opportunities - Supplier users will sometimes be granted different login credentials and accounts for separate AWARD Projects. This is often the case if self-registration has been enabled, which will require Suppliers to register for a new Project and have a new account created for them. This new account will be separate and independent from any prior existing accounts, and each will have their own separate login details. Logging into multiple AWARD accounts should be avoided. If the Authority has decided to allow existing Supplier accounts to register for a new opportunity, this Project may be available to register for within the Open Registrations section of AWARD, where Suppliers can register without needing to create a new account. The use of Open Registration is at the discretion of the Authority.

If you already have an AWARD account, but are experiencing issues logging in again, please click here to find resolutions to common login issues within AWARD.

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