Supplier verification and registration problems

7 common issues:


Issue 1 - You have not received a verification email.


E-mails are sent instantly, if you do not see the email, in the first instance check your Junk folder. If the email is not there, the reasons are usually that the email address entered at registration does not match the inbox in which you are searching or the email may have been held in quarantine.  If this is the case, you will need to check this with your local IT dept.  It is worth asking for the domain to be added to your whitelist. Once whitelisted please contact the Project team or the AWARD Helpdesk who can send you a new verification link. 


 Issue 2 - You have forgotten the password you used when registering.


If you have forgotten the password you set when registering you can reset this using the forgotten password link on the login page. To reach this click on the verification link in the email received but instead of logging in click forgotten password. Your username is shown in the verification email. Once you have reset your password you will automatically be included in the opportunity.  


Issue 3 -  You've been sent a link to access AWARD and complete your registration,  but when you try to log-in you see the following screen:

Please try cutting and pasting the link into your browser (rather than clicking the link).


Reason for this happening: sometimes, email systems can be a bit security overzealous and add in hidden characters to the links sent out by AWARD.  You can see these if you hover over the link without clicking it!



Issue  4 -  You've just registered for AWARD, but when you try to login  you get an error or warning: "Account Not Active"


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This usually happens because the account is not verified.


You must verify your account from a verification email link before you can successfully access AWARD.

If you cannot locate the verification email, please contact the Project team or the AWARD Helpdesk who can send you a new verification link.


If you are certain you have verified your account, please check you are accessing the correct AWARD account or are using the correct log-in details.


Issue 5 - Registration link keeps taking you to your existing AWARD projects.


You are advised to close all browser/AWARD windows and try again (you may need to refresh your browser)

Issue 6 - Unable to register - Duplicate user email
You are trying to register as a New Supplier but cannot as you are seeing the message :

This means your email address is already registered in this AWARD account.

Recommended action is to use the Registered Supplier option (you will see this option when you first click a registration link).

However, if you still wish to register as a new Supplier  (for example to register as a different bid team) you will need to use + ADDRESSING.

i.e. rather than use  please use  (the word after + can be anything)  this will give you a unique email address for the new registration.

Issue 7 - Unable to register -  Duplicate company name

You are trying to register as a new Supplier but cannot as you are seeing the message :

This is because as another bidding organisation has registered with the same name. If you wish to register as a different bid team please change your organisation name to something unique. If you are unsure who has registered from your organisation or if the team member registered previously has now left your organisation please contact the Authority.


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