Supplier verification and registration problems

5 common issues:


Issue 1 - You have not received a verification email.


E-mails are sent instantly, if you do not see the email, in the first instance check your Junk folder. If the email is not there, the reasons are usually that the email address entered at registration does not match the inbox in which you are searching or the email may have been held in quarantine.  If this is the case, you will need to check this with your local IT dept.  It is worth asking for the domain to be added to your whitelist.



Issue 2 - You have forgotten the password you used when registering.


If the registration password is forgotten before you have validated your account the only option is to re-register.

For security purposes, it is not possible to reset the passwords of unregistered accounts.

Once you have completed these steps, then you will have access to AWARD and will be able to work within the project for which you have registered.



Issue 3 -  You've been sent a link to access AWARD and complete your registration,  but it does not work, you are sent to the login page.  When you try to log-in you get a warning:

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If you are not seeing the Confirm Registration screen when clicking on the registration confirmation link link, please try cutting and pasting the link into your browser (rather than clicking the link).


Reason for this happening: sometimes, email systems can be a bit security overzealous and add in hidden characters to the links sent out by AWARD.  You can see these if you hover over the link without clicking it!


Confirmation of Registration

After completing registration for a new project in AWARD an email with a link will be sent to you asking you to confirm registration. When you click the confirm registration link, in the first instance, you should see a confirm registration page similar to the below.


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Issue  4 -  You've just registered for AWARD, you try to reset your password you get an error or warning: "Account Not Active"


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This usually happens because the account is not verified.


You must verify your account from a verification email link before you can successfully access AWARD.

If you cannot locate the verification email, please contact the Project team or the AWARD Helpdesk who can send you a new verification link.


If you are certain you have verified your account, please check you are accessing the correct AWARD account or are using the correct log-in details.



Issue 5 - Registration link keeps taking you to your existing AWARD projects.


You are advised to close all browser/AWARD windows and try again (you may need to refresh your browser)


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