Using Project Assist for eSourcing Transfers

In Standard Evaluation/Lots Projects there is a Project Assist function available within the application which takes you through the steps required to carry out a transfer of files from an eSourcing solution to AWARD®, and should you need to step away; it will allow you to continue where you left off.

You can import the Questions from Jaggaer into AWARD® as soon as you have created the question set within Jaggaer; you do not have to wait for the Jaggaer project to complete. 


WARNING - if you change any question within Jaggaer after the Evidence Item import, you will need to delete and reimport the questions. Contact the AWARD® Helpdesk for assistance with this.

This function is enabled from within the Project under Project > Setup > Tools > Advanced Settings > Enable Project Assist.  It is only available to Users with the Project Manager role. Your user account also needs to be set up for eSourcing, please speak to the Customer Success team regarding this. 


Once enabled, the Assist: eSourcing Transfer button will appear at the top of the Project Home page.


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Click this button to take you to the main reference page as shown below; this contains steps and links to take you to the relevant functions. Click on the step link to jump to the relevant AWARD® section for that step. When you have carried out a particular configuration step you return to the Assist page by clicking the button again.

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Once you have completed each step, click the Mark as Complete button.  This will change the numbered step to a tick.  


The button of the completed step will change to Mark as Incomplete so that you can reset it if you realise you haven’t fully completed the step.

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The overall progress in the process will also be shown in green on the Assist button.



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